CSO offers the following services:

  • Final building inspections
  • Installation and maintenance training for end-users
  • Key controlled system, access control, biometric readers, CCTV, gate control specification
  • Keying system planning
  • Mechanical and electrified hardware spec writing
  • Product research for customers needs
  • Products standardization
  • Re-fit for code compliances

OAS: Opening Audit Survey

  • The Opening Audit Survey program gives an overview of the opening recommendations. The survey details each opening with the existing products and solutions to improve the overall functions of your facility. OAS highlights openings that do not comply with the building code.
  • The OAS provides to facility management a report that will bring a significant enhancement to the overall security of the buildings. The recommendations are defined as high or medium term. This tool will prioritize the immediate action to be taken.
  • The OAS survey can also be use as a prevention maintenance program tool to keep your facility openings up to date.