Our team of specialists in security master the intricacies of mechanical and electronic hardware. CSO can accomplish a complete integration of physical security systems.

Our experts work jointly with partners in order to offer a variety of services aimed at the physical security of a building.

Our involvement includes the coordination between architectural and engineering requirements on a project to meet all expectations, including technical as well as functional goals of our client’s needs.

The fields of electronic security for perimeter security, access control, video-surveillance systems and intrusion detection are all part of our professional capacity.

These systems of physical security are now essential to security managers of property holdings.

CSO is an independent entity without ties to manufacturers, integrators or any other enterprise involved in products or solutions recommended or utilized on any given project.



The main fields of expertise
of our firm include:

  1. The writing of mechanical and electronic hardware schedules
  2. The planning of keying systems
  3. The drafting of technical specifications for tender purposes
  4. Assistance in the purchasing of systems
  5. Coordination and follow up on the implantation of new systems
  6. Thorough inspection of the hardware for the final approval of the project
  7. OAS: Opening Audit Survey

    This service includes a survey of each opening, examining the state of the existing frame, door and mechanical and/or electronic hardware. A detailed report of recommendations is then produced for each opening outlaying the necessary requirements. The OAS supplies the managers of property holdings the solutions for proper security and compliance to regulations and codes regarding their buildings. It also allows them to plan and conceive a general program of preventive maintenance of the hardware elements.